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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

rainy day race fun

i love how el niño decides to show up on the days i DON'T want to see rain.  i mean, i guess it's not really a big deal, but i get a little nervous running in rain around a bunch of other people.  too many opportunities to trip and fall, take down other people, or be taken down myself.  bah.  alas, i'd signed up for my fourth go at the coaster run at knott's berry farm, and i was looking forward to a fun jog through the park.

i was looking at last year's recap of this race and realized that 1. the course is exactly the same every year and 2. i apparently take the SAME damn pictures every time.  oops.  so you're going to see a bunch of repeats...hope you don't care too much.

although i'd followed my own advice from last year and made the drive down to pick up my race bib the day before, i still wanted to get there early so i could snag a decent parking spot in the knott's lot.  i didn't want to get stuck having to make my way to the start line from way across the street, so i arrived a solid hour before race time.  and sure enough...it was raining cats and dogs.

i sat in the car, catching up on social media and listening to the radio, and then it was time to get my shit together and head out for a quick potty stop before the run.

i've been known to forget where i parked my car 5 minutes after i walk away, so i figured i'd better take a picture to make sure i could find it afterwards.

i paused for my usual "at the start line" selfie.

and then i noticed a familiar figure nearby - my "team superhero" boss lady.

the lines for the potty were really long.  and i don't usually stop at the yucky port-o-potties, but i kinda had to this time, if you get my drift.

i got into my corral (#4 - i managed to move up this year!) and listened to my friend mark (aka "the run mc) do his announcer thing.  as the first few corrals were released onto the course and i moved up closer to the start line, he caught a glimpse of the familiar logo on my hat and gave me a shoutout and a wave.

just before go time:

the course, as i mentioned before, was exactly the same as it has been all of the other times i've run this race.  we went through the parking lot and caught our first glimpse of the roller coasters:

made our way through the park entrance:

passed some more fun rides:

fuzzy mile marker #1:

got passed up by a dude in a kilt:

reminisced about the bean's last birthday shindig, when we had lunch here:

followed the signs:

and exited the park.

mmmmm, chicken dinner.

mile 2 done!

back through a different parking lot:

through the tunnel - this time, only downhill.  yay!

because of all that rain, there were lots of giant puddles to avoid.

the big wave pool looks a little silly when it's empty.

just before the mile 3 marker, there was a choice to be made.  for me, it wasn't a difficult one.

around one final corner, and then it was done.

whee!  i don't care what anyone says, i adore collecting race medals.

since it's not my thing, i passed up the boysenberry pie station...

in favor of this.

i got my official finisher's photo before i made my way outta there.

the start line looks so unloved and sad once everyone's gone - all that's left is a bunch of unwanted jackets, mylar blankets and bundles of nerves.

and because i've been here a time or two, i knew exactly where to go for the nectar of the gods:

i was a little bummed that there were no characters for photo ops on the course this year, but i totally get it, what with all that rain and everything.  that only means i'll have to come back in 2017 for more coaster run fun!

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