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Friday, March 11, 2016


you know what always helps to shake off crappy feelings?  a box of snacks.  my skoshbox arrived with absolutely perfect timing this month, and even better - i'd received an offer to upgrade to the larger box.  MOAR SNACKS PLZ.

the box is pretty much twice the size of the ones i've been receiving.  sweet.

the first thing i pulled out was a sheet of silly stickers.  the bean is so getting these.

i tried a snack very similar to this during my last visit to the japanese supermarket and it was really good, so i handed it to the old lady to enjoy.  at first glance it looked a little like C3P0 to me, but i guess it's just a really weird-looking cat.

it's a crispy wafer with a crunchy, light chocolate filling.  so yum.

this...well, this one's going to wait until we've got a little courage.  it's some sort of DIY snack kit that involves mixing water with some sort of powder to create a mochi that then gets topped with a packet of green matcha dust.  i'm not too sure about it, but the old lady loves matcha so it's gonna be allllll her.

"premium" hi-chew, and it appears to be in my most favorite flavor (grape).  i'll try it soon.  we love hi-chew, and this one is dipped in "added luxurious candy coating."  maybe it'll be like a delicious chewy sweet tart.  we'll see.

these were really good:  bite-sized pieces of crunchy cookie (they call it pie, i'm not sure why) dipped in chocolate.  ain't nothing wrong with that.

a roll of more cookies.  we haven't dug into this one yet either, but the description says they're mini strawberry cookies with chocolate chips.  um...yummmmm.

these were delicious, although i was the only one who was a fan.  kind of like cheetos puffs without the cheese, but instead coated in a light caramel.  and there was a nutty flavor that was explained by the tiny peanuts at the bottom of the bag.  i've seen these at the store, and now i know to pick some up next time.

the last two items are very familiar, nothing new.  doesn't mean i didn't crack 'em open and devour them in one sitting.

oh, and there was this funny little squishy keychain at the bottom.  kind of reminded me of those damn shopkins that the bean's so into.

during the snacking rampage, i found a bunch of little candies i'd picked up at the supermarket.  i'd read all of the descriptions and picked out a few that i thought might be tasty.  or funny, like this one. looks like a really familiar emoji we use on our phones, yes?

it was a sticky, gummy, chewy little nugget that had to be peeled out of the package.  if you look closely at it, it's smiling.

it ended up being cola-flavored.  reminded me of the OG hello kitty candy i used to buy at the sanrio store.  do they even make those anymore?  i used to love those.

so have any of you tried skoshbox since i first posted about it?  it's seriously my most favorite piece of mail.  i can't wait to see what comes next month!


  1. I signed up for the skoshbox after your post, and then my niece signed up after seeing my post. You should get commissions or discounts! The deka box looks way better...maybe I will upgrade too. Thanks for enabling my snacking!

  2. I want to sign up so bad, but it's like opening the flood gates to my snack addiction. I looooooove Pretz. It's the perfect mix of slightly sweet and slightly salty. So good and fun to eat.

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