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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

i have a secret.

so do you remember this (if you read my crap on the regular, you will because it wasn't that long ago)?

i technically can't really say anything, but let's just say that i'm currently browsing pinterest for outfit ideas.  this cracks me the hell up:

because who doesn't want to dress up like a samoa?  and there's this:

i mean, come on.  CASUAL SHORTBREAD.  only in the OC...

and i figure this probably isn't super appropriate, but it's still funny:

anyway...i'll keep you posted.  if you care.  heh.


  1. Yaaaaay! So cool! You'll have to make sure to tell us when to tune in!

  2. I SO care!!! That's awesome!!! You're gonna be amazing


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