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Monday, June 15, 2009

blue's clues, bubbles, and...BINKY?

like her sister before her, the bean has become addicted to a cute little preschool age-appropriate show called "blue's clues." it's pretty funny - when she wants to watch it (which is all.the.freaking.time.), she grabs the remote, puts it in my hand, makes the hand gestures they do during the show, and exclaims "boo!" i guess you have to see it to appreciate it.

but we only have two episodes on the tivo, and let me tell you, i am really stinking tired of them. the show only comes on once a day, so it's hard to catch it unless i remember to set the dvr to record it. i know i could set a season pass, but i don't wanna. but here's what you get when you try to explain to a 20-month-old that her favorite show isn't on at the moment:

you finally give in and turn the damn show on, and you're rewarded with a smile, a hug, and complete silence:

she actually only likes the parts where they sing the familiar songs. in between those, we usually grab the bubble bucket. i don't know why, but she seems to think the bubbles are tasty.

then she decides to give it a try her own self:

i actually really get a kick out of watching her try to do this.

she eventually gets bored with it and decides to get her bubble on the easy way.

a little later, she decided to veg out in the bedroom and watch the tv in there (as though what's playing in there is any different):

she found an old friend in her toy box:

she's also learned a bunch of animal noises. when you ask her "hey, what does the [insert random critter here] say?" she'll grin and make the appropriate sound, or some reasonable facsimile. i've gotta get it on video soon, because it's awesomely funny - dog, cat, elephant, lion, monkey, rooster, cow, sheep.

man, i've gotta get my hands on that freaking flip videocam.


  1. My niece and nephew both were REALLY into Blue's Clues. I'll have to see if I can find my Blue doll somewhere....I bet it's in a box around here somewhere....

  2. She's so freakin' cute. My son does the same thing with Blue's Clues, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, etc. Our tivo has been completely taken over by these programs. It's so worth it for the smile you get when they see their favorite stuff on TV.

  3. Holey crap her pictures make me laugh so hard!

  4. I can't believe she's almost TWO! holy cow, where does the time go? ;(

  5. Ack. The middle pic of the Bean with the little tear streaking her face--it KILLS me. How do you deny her anything she wants? Is that possible?

  6. the bean has the most adorable hair! i'm jealous!

  7. Please teach her that the donkey says "hee haw". It's my favorite animal noise ever. Thanks.

  8. Don't know how Bean friendly your iPhone is, meaning if you let her "play" with it, but there are some Blues Clues video podcasts on iTunes that I've downloaded. FREE. They've saved the day when my kids are bored on a car ride, or were waiting for my son to get out of school, or food is taking too long at a restaurant. Just thought I'd give ya the heads up. And the nice thing is that they're no longer than 3 minutes each!

  9. I'm totally looking forward to knowing all the latest kid shows (totally serious here too!)

    on a side note, I use to nanny for my cousins 2.5 year old kid when I was in high school. She watched Toy Story over and over and over again. I could seriously recite all the lines to the movie. Finally, we told her we had to return the movie to blockbuster. She got this sad look, then said okay and proceeded to watch Barney non stop. ha

  10. I neeeed to see her ask for Blue's Clues. You must get a Flip asap. I love it when my niece makes the monkey sound. It's hilarious. She gets all embarrassed because we laugh, but then 5 min later she forgets all about it and does it again.


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