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Saturday, June 13, 2009

i love me some fish.

derek fisher is the man!

yes, i dig other kinds of fish too. but we aren't talking about that right now.

i am STILL on a high after thursday's awesome win after that nailbitin' five minutes of overtime. i hooted and hollered, and when d-fish sank that incredible shot, the bean joined in my cheering and carrying on. it was funny. i'd shout, and she'd clap her hands and let out a roar of her own.

just look at this smile!

that smile would melt any laker-lovin' heart. he's just too adorable.

you know i proudly rock my OG #8 kobe jersey, especially during the finals. and yes, i am a kobe fan, despite the many reasons why others aren't. but right on his heels, competing for #1 in my basketball affections, is my dear derek. i've been a huge d-fish fan ever since that amazing 0.4 shot a few years ago, and actually, even before that. i was sad when he left to play for golden state (um, who??), and then i was totally stoked to see him back on my beloved laker team. i'd read that it was sparked by a need to return to l.a. for medical care for his daughter, which of course touched my heart. i'm a sucker for sick children.

i just want to rub his shiny bald head and give him a big ol' hug. that's cool, right?

now, on to game 5! will we take it, or will we lose this game and win it at home? i like the latter idea, but i HATE watching us lose. such a conundrum.


  1. We were at the game after 0.4...and have the complimentary 0.4 shirts they gave out that night. :)

  2. what feminist gold digger said. ;)

  3. D-fish is such a class act. We were watching the playoffs in 2007 when they did a full story on his daughter and how he was at a medical appt for her and didn't know if he would be back to play for the Jazz that night during their playoff game. They really needed him though and he walked right off the plane, onto the court during the second half (no warm up or anything) and drained a few shots that they desperately needed. He is awesome.

    And oh yeah, hotness, too!

  4. *grudgingly* (did I spell that right?) - congrats on your team winning. I'm actually happy they won after seeing that dirty Magic move during game 4.

  5. i didnt want the lakers to win, but i love me some derek fisher!!!

  6. I will admit that Fisher would be a great asset to any team, and he was key in winning game 4. I was totally hoping he would get MVP, but instead the rapist had to win it. Congrats on a well deserved championship.

    :::kicks dirt:::

  7. Oooh! I loved Derek Fisher in Game 4. However, what got me the most eyerolls from my husband was my comments about Ariza's good looks.


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