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Thursday, June 11, 2009

wan: the basics

i have a sneaking suspicion that i'm going to get a few new readers (if they aren't on board already), so i thought it'd be fun to talk about one of my favorite topics.

of course, that would be me.

most of this stuff is pretty common knowledge if you know me in real life, or if you've been reading for a while. i won't be hurt if you skip right over this post.

i'll start with something easy - something i get made fun of all. the. time. i don't eat fruit. none of it. not apples, or bananas, or kiwi. i don't like the texture. i like fruit flavored stuff, but if there are chunks, i ain't havin' it.

yes, i am a cougar. the hub is eight years younger than me. rowwwwwr.

i love with my whole heart, and i'm fiercely loyal - sometimes to a fault. and if you cross me, i may eventually forgive, but i'll never forget. ever.
when it comes to my family and friends, i will defend and protect them with all i have. and i am a total softy who will stop at nothing to keep my loved ones happy.

insanely narcissistic. i blog, i twitter, i facebook, i nest. i love to talk about me. and most of my posts are stupendously random. despite this fact, i'm terribly paranoid about having real names on the internet, and so you will not find mine on any of those sites. nor do i use anyone else's real name online.

while i'm on the subject, yes - i
do know how and when to capitalize. i just choose not to. it's my "thing." leave me alone.

the words "dude," "totally," "cool," "awesome," and other valley girl-esque terms are a part of my vocabulary. i use 'em all, and i use 'em a lot. i swear like a sailor, too, so i sure hope you aren't offended by the f-bomb and other fun words.

there are also words that i cannot stand, like "moist," "ointment," and "c*nt." blech.

i love to eat. i'm big on red meat and junk food (twinkies? love 'em.
tater tot casserole? dish it up!), and i'm quite partial to a lot of *gasp* chain restaurants. and i don't typically consider a meal to be complete if dessert isn't a part of it. doesn't have to come at the end, either. i also love cooking and baking. feel free to pass on any of your favorite recipes for me to try.

i obsess over material things. once i see something cool, i have to have it. and i won't stop researching it, looking at it, debating it until i get it in my hot little hands. i am a complete sucker for fun gadgets, cute clothes, awesome shoes, adorable handbags [cue madonna's "material girl"]. this doesn't stop at just me. oh, no. i also crave cute and stylish clothes and accessories for the teen and the bean. the hub - well, he's on his own. but he's totally metro, so he likes it that way.

one of the things i cherish most in the world is the fantastic relationship i have with the teen. most kids her age can't stand to be in the same room with their parents for longer than it takes to eat a meal or ask for cash, but mine chooses to hang out with me on a regular basis. and we share a ton of inside jokes and laugh constantly. i'm still her mother first and foremost, but we sure do have a lot of fun together.

unlike a lot of folks, i also enjoy a great relationship with my ILs. i hear so many horror stories about other folks and their ILs, but mine are fantabulous.

bacon and spam. no further explanation necessary.

i am a sentimental
fool. we still celebrate our dating anniversary and the day we got engaged. and every year, on our wedding anniversary, i put on my wedding gown and do this.

while we're on that subject, it's obvious that i have
no qualms about doing silly ass shit like that to get a laugh. i'm a complete dork and proud of it.

on the flip side, i totally embrace my bitchiness. it comes out now and then, and it's usually warranted. i can be a super bitch when i want to. i OWN that shit.

i get bored with my hair on a regular basis. i switch it up all too often, and i've had it every way possible: long, short, layered, bobbed, straight, curly. that's if you consider a big ass 80's 'fro "curly." actually, i'm dangerously close to 'do boredom again, but since it's pretty short right now, i don't know that i have a ton of options (short of pricey extensions, and i sure ain't doing that). huh.

i also have an eyelash fetish. if it weren't such a pain in the ass to maintain, i'd get lash extensions again. so instead, i settle for trying out every mascara on the market. i seriously covet thick, lush lashes. i know, lame.

i take a
lot of pictures. i am asian. but i'm the first to admit that most of my pictures aren't very good. they serve for documenting, but they aren't particularly artistic or photographer-y.

aside from my vast appreciation for the talents of the jonas brothers (courtesy of the teen, with whom i saw them in concert no less than seven times last year), i am a big country music fan. brad paisley, rascal flatts, carrie underwood, martina mcbride, dixie chicks, faith hill, tim mcgraw. i love 'em all. um, not so much the super-twangy stuff, but the more contemporary country songs. i do like top-40 and r&b, too, but i'm not so much into the KROQ-y music. never have been. oh, well.

GO LAKERS! again, no further explanation needed.

whew. i'm spent. i know i'm probably missing other crap that's totally vital information, but i'm kind of over me - for now. besides, i've got an overwhelming craving for a twinkie.

i've got my priorities.


  1. More you, please. On a daily basis. Thanks.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. You always make me laugh and I'm glad to get to know more about you. Keep it coming.


  3. I also really enjoy reading your blog - I clicked from the nest one day and have you in my google reader. It's good to learn more about you!

    Also - Spam is pretty great. I had it on our honeymoon when we were in Hawaii and really enjoyed it!

  4. Did not know about the country music lovin' side of you. Rascal Flatts is my fav, as is Brad Paisley!

  5. <3 you.
    <3 bacon.
    <3 this post.

    (in this particular order)

  6. i'm not sure how i stumbled across your blog but i'm super glad that i did, the day i found it i'm not kidding you i read alllll the way to your very first one :) you are one of 3 blogs that i have book marked on my favs and i totally look forward to coming into work around this time and reading about your daily happenings.

    keep on writing, you entertain me and i'm sure MANY others!

  7. You're so funny. I've been reading your blog for a while now, (started from the Knot)and now there's also Twitter. I can always relate to your love of food and baking and even have tried a couple of the recipies you've posted. Thanks for getting me through my workday!

  8. How fun was this? No surprises but still awesome.

    Why are you expecting new traffic?

  9. Another lurker here to say I love your blog! So does my hub, who happened to look over when I was reading about your teen's graduation- he is Glendora HS alum and saw that your teen's graduation was there! Thanks for entertaining me at work daily, when I should be working!

  10. I PPH you. :)

    And ditto Sarah - why the traffic boost? :)

  11. If you ever need a Country concert fan - I'm in! We have $5 country concerts here during the summer!

  12. love your blog! you should do a wanlifetolive fan club meet-up next time you come to san diego. i have a 2 year that would love play with the bean!!!

  13. It's sad that I knew most of this, yet I've only hung out with you a handful of times! I love this post!

  14. I love all the photos.

    I wish I could still fit into my wedding dress. waah!

  15. With the exception of the Lakers part, I <3 all these things about you! PS I am digging that photo of you taking a picture. Serious.

  16. fab post! i vote for more "you" posts, too!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Fuck, this was a great post. Good enough for me to finally get around to leaving you a comment. =)

    I too have love for the Lakers, a trucker mouth, and I reserve the right to be a bitch when I want to.

    I really have enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of years now, but this was one of my favorite entries.

  19. I think you should bring back the perm. Just sayin.

  20. Hello, Lurkers :) I like the idea of a wan fan club meet-and-greet over food. You've inspired me to start thinking about a Wan study of gluttony collage.

  21. Not sure why I never read this before, but I wanted to say how awesome this blog is, dudette. I am still new at my own blog and have a lot to learn, especially the picture taking part of it. I think I need to take pics before I drink though...


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