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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

yesterday was plain awful

you can say that again.
yesterday was plain awful!
but that's not now, that's then.

bonus points to anyone who can name that obscure ass song, and googling doesn't count.

so 102.7 isn't just my favorite station on the FM dial anymore. oh, no. that was also my temperature yesterday, as taken by the hub as I lay moaning, groaning and whimpering on the couch.

you know how wives complain about their husbands being big babies when they're sick? well, in the wan household, it's exactly the opposite. i don't get sick very often, but when i do, i turn into a six-year-old who has to be taken care of and completely babied. heh. and lucky for me, the hub is super patient and thoughtful, as previously described during our labor experience with the bean.

my workday, while a short one, dragged endlessly as i got progressively worse and worse. i spent a lot of it suffering from that horrid, chest-scraping, headache-intensifying coughing. it was completely craptastic. by the time i finally left to head home, i was super miserable and it was all i could do to drive my sorry, sickly ass home and drag myself upstairs. as i walked in, MIL greeted me and gestured to the bean, asleep on the couch.

"she only fell asleep about ten minutes ago," she said. sweet! this meant i could change and curl up next to her to catch a few winks myself.

and i did exactly that. we slept together for over two hours while my head throbbed and my body ached. thankfully, mollydog managed to refrain from barking at random people and leaves falling from the tree, and we all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon nap together.

when we finally woke up, i thought i was gonna die. i felt like i'd been run over by a freaking bus. i was freezing and sweating and i. was. in. hell. the bean was concerned. "mum?" she queried in in her amusingly british way as she knelt over me, rubbed my cheek lovingly and reached out and patted my shoulder with her adorably chubby hand. it was totally cute and i just wanted to hug her for being so sweet, but i lacked the energy. instead, i smiled weakly and told her that mommy was going to be just fine.

then she decided she'd had enough and grabbed the remote. handing it to me, she made all the gestures and motions for her beloved "blue's clues." and while i really hate using the tv as a sitter, i was so ridiculously grateful for the stash of episodes we had saved on the tivo. while i continued to writhe in agony on the couch, she was entertained by the antics of steve and blue.

but then she disappeared into her play house, and seconds later i heard the unmistakable noises of a diaper being stuffed to the gills with stinky, goopy poop. hell. how on earth was i going to manage to stay upright long enough to change her? as it was, i was freaking starving and couldn't bring myself to get up and take the time to find and make myself something to eat. this is me, folks! i lacked the patience and energy for food! that tells you right there how shitty i was feeling.

somehow i managed to get her cleaned up and changed into a fresh diaper, and as i collapsed onto the couch again, the phone rang and it was the hub. the baby in me reared its head immediately.

"ohhhhh, when are you coming hooooooome?" i whined.

"i'm on my way," he answered. thank god.

and when he got home, he took over. he scooped up the bean, took my temperature (which was well over 100, yikes), and when i told him that i was starving, he went right out to get some food. they returned quickly, and as he got the bean situated in her high chair and handed me a drink and some ibuprofen, i was so overwhelmed with how awful i felt and how sweet and caring he was being that i completely melted down and burst into tears.

such a baby.

after we were done eating, he cleaned up and sent me off to bed to get some hard-core, uninterrupted rest. i put on some pajamas, socks, and a sweatshirt (it was 85 degrees outside and i was fucking freezing), and he soaked a washcloth in cool water and laid it on my forehead as i crawled under the covers and tried to go to sleep. through the door, i could hear him and the bean playing and laughing, and somehow i finally drifted off.

he came in to check on me a couple of times, rewetting the washcloth and checking my temperature, and looked relieved as the numbers continued to decline. i could feel myself returning to semi-normal as i flung off the covers and tore off the sweatshirt and socks, sweating my ass off. and an hour and a half after i'd gone to bed, i got up and went out to join my family in the living room. i was finally able to sit upright without feeling dizzy, and the bean was so relieved to see me that she trotted right over and gave me a big, long hug.

as the alarm went off this morning, i debated over whether to come to work or to stay home and get back to 100% (i'm still not there, but i'm close), and decided that i could hang for my short four-hour shift.

now, i must catch up on the weekend. stay tuned for at least one more post today - one that's much more fun and interesting than this one, i promise. yay!

oh, and p.s. - happy birfday to my dear brother! it was yesterday, but i know he was swept away on a fun weekend getaway and won't have been reading blogs anyway. good for him.


  1. Annie, right? :)

    Now I'm off to read the rest of your post...

  2. glad to hear your'e feeling better. yesterday sounds NO fun at all. yay for hubs being a good nurse.

  3. I can't believe you went to work today. You are much stronger than I. Sending you get well vibes.

  4. Yikes, you poor thing!
    I'm pretty impressed at your ability to be back up and hanging with the fam so soon.

    It's my first time commenting but I love your blog. Your sheer delight in being a mom is so refreshing. The teen and the bean are lucky girls!

  5. I need to be taken care of and babied on a regular basis :) I can't believe you still went to work! I hope you are feeling better already. There's nothing wrong with having the tv babysit your child occasionally, btw. The tv babysits me sometimes still.

  6. Annie!

    Oh, I hear you on being sick...I'm the same way.

  7. oh man, that sickness sounds awful.

    hope you are feeling better!

  8. I am such a big baby when I'm sick. I'm already dreading the day I'm sick and have to take care of Anak at the same time. yikes.

  9. Ew. It sounds like this thing really raked you over the coals. Poor thing. I hope you're feeling better.


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