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Friday, June 12, 2009

nba finals > everything else

my friend amber and i have been trying to get together for weeks. weeks! and when our schedules finally allowed us to pick a day to meet up for dinner, we were super excited and chose a cute looking restaurant somewhere halfway in between us.

of course, we didn't think ahead and realize that the NBA finals would be going strong, and game three was on our "date night." with both of us being gigantor laker fans, this simply would not work as originally planned.

i felt like a total buttface as i did it, but i dropped her an e-mail on tuesday morning - not canceling, but wondering if we could switch up the venue to a joint where we'd be able to hang out, have dinner, AND watch the game. we could always hit up the other place on another night when the lakers weren't playing for the championship. i hit "send" and hoped for the best.

i should never have doubted her. she'd thought of the same thing that morning and laughed when she read my apologetic e-mail. after we debated a few places, she suggested hitting up the vault in pasadena, where she was able to secure a reservation. sold!

i was amused at the number of plasmas that lined the walls. and here i'd been worried about not having a good view of the game from where we'd be seated.

we both opted to go non-alcoholic, ordering instead tall frosty glasses of good ol' coca-cola.

we had a great time chatting, catching up, venting, what have you. it'd been too long since we'd had the opportunity to really talk, aside from e-mails - and you know that just isn't the same.

in between gabbing, we managed to eat a little. club sandwich for me, burger for amber.

the food was solid. nothing spectacular, but it was a'ight.

we got the server to take a picture of us. sorry, amber, i should've looked at it and made her re-do. guess the "great photos by servers" streak is broken.

then we took this after the game (you can tell what the outcome was by our faces). i'm amused that the server made it a point to tell us that she'd gone to photography school.

outside, these were lit all around the patio:

and we were puzzled over this sign.

i could google it, but i don't really care that much. heh.

and now i sit, after an awesome game four win. it is good to be a laker fan. oh, how i love derek fisher. LOVE.


  1. Looks like you had a decent experience at the Vault. We've always been unlucky when it comes that place.

    Good to know there is a small kitchen incubator in Pasadena now! Back when hubby wanted to start his own catering gig, it was impossible to find an incubator kitchen.

    <3 Derek Fisher!

  2. Yeah, photography school for the crippled and blind maybe.

  3. wait, she went to photography school? ha.

  4. I'm willing to put aside the fact that you two are hard core Laker fans and say that the food looked tasty and hooray for gtg with good friends!

  5. You Lakers fans ... :)
    The sad pic face is actually pretty cute -- too bad it's blurry...

  6. Dude - even I know Amber would give up good food for a Laker's Game ;-)

  7. Yeah, the food wasn't fabulous, but at least they had loads of tvs!

    And well, the game sucked, but at least the company was good. :)


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