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Friday, June 26, 2009

what's yxta-ppening?

since we didn't get enough bonding time on friday, a few of us headed back downtown last night for happy hour at yxta, a super cool mexican restaurant suggested by the monkey.

listening to michael jackson tunes all the way in, i rolled into the [free!] parking lot slightly teary and super nostalgic. it's amazing how music can affect your mood and instantly transport you to a different time in life - it seriously felt like i was 10 again, in my room with the "thriller" tape (tape! haha!) playing and dancing to "P.Y.T."

i was really surprised to find that this unassuming-looking, very blah building:

housed all this coolness:

i was the first to arrive, so i sat down to peruse the menu and get settled. here's my uber-exciting beverage of choice:

i munched distractedly on these while i checked my facebook and twitter, via my trusty iPhone.

the happy hour menu wasn't very extensive.

considering the fact that i'm not typically a drinker, i was quite intrigued by the "mexican russian." i love me some horchata.

when the rest of the ladies arrived - levioletfemme, the monkey, lilcee, venn, and winnie - we finally ordered. and in true SFAM fashion, we simply ordered one of each item on the menu. tacos galore! ha! but sadly for me, the restaurant had run out of horchata (how could this happen? it was HAPPY HOUR!) and i had to settle for a regular ol' margarita. boo.

lilcee was the only one who ended up drinking something different - she had a mojito.

and then it was food time! yay!

guacamole. pass.

tacos with pulled pork -and pineapple. needless to say, i didn't indulge in these.

[edit: these are, indeed, tacos al pastor. hell, that isn't even pulled pork! that's what i get for blogging in stealth mode at work]

sopes with spicy pulled chicken and veggies. so chewy and crunchy and delicious.

carnitas. oh, these were good - even with the guacamole.

pulled chicken with chipotle. alas, i was too full to get to these.

these were filled with spicy mashed potatoes. a little underseasoned, but i shook the salt shaker on 'em and they were pretty yummy.

this was a late addition to our food line-up. they were presented as buffalo-style wings with a twist, but those who tried them said they were more like wings drenched in nacho cheese. "they're nacho wings!" ba-dum-psh.

before lilcee headed home to feed baby cee, we got the server to take a group shot.

winnie and i learned of the awesomeness that is the dyson airblade from the monkey, who described it so enthusiastically that we had to go and try it out for ourselves.

i appreciated the instructions on how to use the contraption. well, so that i could capture the illustrations with my camera and laugh, anyway.

check it out - you can see it in action! muahahahahaha.

just before we departed, the monkey and i decided we'd play a prank on our online friends and use these as our new profile pics. so amusing. i'm giggling just looking at them.

i LOVE having friends who are as goofy as i am.
oh, and for seven:
as you can see (but probably already knew), it runs in the family.


  1. Those pineapple garnished tacos look like al pastor, which is divine with the pineapple. Just saying ;o)

  2. wait a minute, i never knew you didn't like gauc.

    yay dyson airblade!

  3. Oh my gosh-ness. You took a video of the Dyson hand dryer. I love you.

  4. Nacho wings yummmm! I love the twinsie pics =)

  5. Loved the tacos. And the Dyson hand dryer, of course.

  6. i want a dyson hand dryer for my home.

    and btw, your cousin seven seems like a huge dork.

  7. So fun! I was thinking of you ladies while I downed my dessert wine. ;)

  8. So sad to have missed out!

    Dyson hand dryer = awesome!!


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