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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JoBros tuesYAY!

the day the teen'd been waiting for finally arrived yesterday - the release of the Jonas Brothers' new CD.

although it started off pretty rough. let me back up a bit - we'd found out on monday that she had been switched into the first session of summer school, but not via any official method, i.e. a call from the school. oh, no. instead, as she's testing out her babysitting legs alone with the bean for the first time, she gets a text message from a buddy:

"hey, you're in my class, but you aren't here. where are you?"

she immediately calls me, and i call the school to figure out what the hell is going on, but of course, i get voice mail. ugh. i leave a message and go about my day, and then at about 11:30 i get a phone call from the teen. well, it was more from the bean, because all i could hear was a lot of very loud wailing and carrying on in the background. oy.

the boss comes out of her office with a terrified look on her face, takes one look at me holding my cell phone with the bawling pouring out of it, and points to the door.

"go. go now! we're not busy. go to your girls!"

i try to explain to her that the bean pulled this with MIL on their first day together - she was just tired and was trying to put herself to sleep without the benefit of her human pacifier, AKA me. but she would have none of it. she practically pushed me out the door as i giggled, shrugged my shoulders, and let myself be dismissed early.

and of course, i walked in to find complete silence and the bean cradled in her sister's arms, sleeping peacefully. so predictable. i helped her put her down on the bed and then we tiptoed out of the room. i grabbed the phone, called the school again, and this time was relieved to hear a human voice on the other end. i explained the situation, and she said "you called to have her waitlisted for the first semester, right? did you receive the schedule in the mail?"

i had, indeed. however, there was no indication anywhere that her session had been changed, and so i'd assumed that she was still placed in the second session, as posted at the school last month. i should've known. you know what happens when you assume.

"oh, yeah. we didn't realize till it was too late that there wasn't an explanation of it, so we put a message on our outgoing phone message. if the schedule says "F", that means first, and "S" means second."

well, fuck. that was the opposite of helpful. i asked her if the teen still had her original spot since she'd missed the first day, and she said "no, the second session is full. she can come tomorrow and today will be counted as her one allowed absence, but she has to attend every day for the rest of the session or it won't count. if you want to chance it, you can wait to see if there are openings for the second session, but it's not guaranteed."

what a pain in the ass. i was so annoyed at the disorganization and the lack of sympathy for their effing error. ugh. but we had no choice - and so the teen headed off to school yesterday bright and early. class starts at 7:30 and goes till 1:00. but at least she'll get an entire semester's worth of health class over with in three short weeks, and then she still has the rest of the summer to relax and enjoy.

of course, it didn't help that the first people we saw as we pulled up were her former BFFs. ugh. she was really dreading it, but managed to find the friend who'd sent her the text message, and she got out of the car with a relieved look.

with MIL out of town till tomorrow, that left the hub to kick it at home with the bean. they had a nice morning together and then she fell asleep, leaving him free to get some work done. when i picked up the teen from school, we swung by the house to pick up the bean, and headed to costco to pick up something that instantly made the teen's day:

i was amused to read via twitter that one of my favorite bloggers, matt logelin, was heading to amoeba music to see if he could find the album on vinyl. i don't think i know a single male who's willing to admit that he digs the JoBros. ha!

and so of course, you know what CD's in my car right now. YOU KNOW THIS. after all, we've gotta learn all the songs before the concert(s) in august. heh.


  1. ahh..the JoBros, i'm headed to target right after work to buy the cd for my daughter. must.learn.all.songs - our concert is august 3rd yay!

  2. OMG. I thought (read: hoped) that Matt was kidding about JoBros. :X

  3. Matt likes the JoBros?! :/

    That totally sucks about the summer school thing. booooo!

  4. The CA school system is REdiculous. I don't think we even had summer school in Pennsylvania. Everyone took health during the school year - of course we had 8 period a day and actual study halls too.

  5. Wow. Good thing the Teen's friend called. I love that your boss is so understanding :) I watched part of the JoBros interview with Larry King last night. They sounded surprisingly mature and articulate for their ages.

  6. Yea, summer school is pretty hard core. On the other side of things, as a teacher of summer school, I loved the attendance policy. Since they are so strict with attendance, my classes almost always dropped to a two thirds or even half the original size.

    But at least the teen can get this class out of the way, freeing up her schedule for more important classes, like photography. ;-)

  7. I actually watched the JoBros on the today show on friday. I had to see what all of the hype was about!

    sucks about the teen's school, hopefully all is cleared up now.


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