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Monday, June 29, 2009

put that thing back where it came from or so help me

"that thing," of course, being the freaking sun.

i hate the heat. hate it. i realize that i totally live in the wrong place for not being a fan of the sun and hot weather, but hey. everything and everyone i know and love is here. i ain't about to leave. so i'll just have to be the oddball who really loves "june gloom" and cloudy, rainy days and shakes her fist at the weather girl on the news when she announces oh-so-cheerfully that it'll be 95 degrees downtown all week - which, of course, means that it'll be over 100 in the valley. yay.

i'd had friday marked in my calendar as the day of free pinkberry - they were offering full-sized cups of yogurt for free from 5:00 till 11:00. i was super excited until i realized that it was for the purpose of introducing their new summer flavors - coconut, passionfruit, tropical swirl, and some horrendous-looking fruit parfait. blech. i was bummed, but glad i hadn't gone and stood in line for that shit. gross.

this weekend, the wan house was the house of sweat. i managed to inherit the fun perspiration gene that runs in my family, and the hub is right up there with me. of course, this means that both the teen and the bean are just fucked. heh. the bean spent a good chunk of the weekend hanging out like this:

well, okay, she didn't wear the monkey all the time, but little else. i actually really dislike seeing kids who are just kickin' it, dressed (or not dressed, as the case may be) in a diaper, but i figured it was okay because we were at home, and it was hot freaking sweaty balls out. ew.

while cleaning out a drawer, the hub came across mollydog's pink satin jacket, complete with white fur collar. i'd forgotten we even had this for her. doesn't she look pissed as hell?

and then to add insult to injury, we found her "necklace" and added that to her ensemble.

the bean decided to get in on the action when she found a purple leash. but molly wasn't having any of it. heh.

the teen spent most of saturday hanging out with BFF, after having spent the night over there on friday. she came home late that night after going to see the "transformers" sequel, as we were kickin' it old school and watching "top gun" on DVD. i feel the need. the need...for speed. ha!

i decided to get up and make some breakfast on sunday morning, and thought some puff pancakes sounded good. i filled some with peanut butter & marshmallow fluff, some with nutella, and we munched as we attempted to play a "twilight"-themed board game that the teen had bought last week.

btw, if you come across this game at target like we did, DON'T pick it up regardless of just how big a twilight fan you are. i'm serious. this game is super duper lame. i tried to talk her out of it at the time, but there was no stopping her. and it was her money, so i wasn't about to tell her what she could and couldn't do with it. i figure, she'll just learn from her mistakes.

later, as the bean fell asleep and the teen was completely bored and dying to get out of the house, the hub suggested that we go see a movie. i felt kind of bad that we were leaving him sweltering at home in the sweatbox - especially as he hasn't seen the inside of a movie theater since the night before the bean was born - but he shooed us out of there, saying they'd head over to the grandparents' house to visit and suck up some of their A/C while we were gone. so we let ourselves be talked into going to see this:

i won't spoil it for anyone, but i'll tell you this: while the screenwriters mostly stuck to the original story, there's definitely a plot twist or two. you may have read the book, but even if that's the case, you don't necessarily know what's going to happen. i'll also warn you to bring tissue, or grab a handful of napkins at the snack bar (like i did). the teen and i cried damn near throughout the entire movie - from the first ten minutes-ish all the way to the end. like, my face was all puffy and swollen by the time we left. i wasn't smart enough to bust out the waterproof mascara like the teen had the forethought to do.

back home, she had fun with her sister as we finally sucked it up and turned on the A/C. and yes, she was fully clothed when she and the hub left the house, but the dress came right off as they got home. they twirled around and around till they were both dizzy.

after feasting on some yummy homemade spaghetti and meatballs, which is one of the cheapest but most delicious meals on the planet, we dug into this:

i'm a sucker for trying new ben & jerry's ice cream flavors, and the teen was sucked in with the promise of fudge chips in the shape of peace signs. i think my girl is a hippie at heart.


  1. Despite the heat, it sounds like you stayed busy! I want to see the MSK movie, I'm curious to see what twists you're talking about.

  2. Move to the west side. It's 70s here!

    I am going to put MSK on my Blockbuster list and watch it when I'm alone at home. I already know I'll be a huge mess.

  3. Ditto Winnie on watching MSK in the comfort of my own home where I can sob to my heart's content. I was a mess reading the book.

  4. this is why we both need to leave near the beach - it rarely even gets to 80.

    we're on our third week of triple digits + 80-something % humidity. I have officially become a hermit and do not leave the (a/c'd) house.

    shoot me now.

  5. You're not the only oddball. My will to do anything, except lay near an a/c vent, disappears above 85 degrees.

  6. I wish I could send you our AC - we don't even use it all that much, but it sure is nice to know it's there.

    Meanwhile - poor Mollydog, she is SUCH a good sport. I know our boy puts on the exact same belabored face when we dress him up. I'm sure she's hot as heck too, and having to put up with your shenanigans! Time for you to start making homemade doggie ice cream.

    We're as old school as you are - ever since I got my DVD recorder I've been recording all the old school movies on television - Adventures in Babysitting, Howard the Duck........

    You've also further reinforced that I'm going to skip My Sister's Keeper. So not my style of movie (or book). The hubs is still trying to figure out why his mom gave him a copy to read.

    I SWEAR whirled peace isn't a "new" flavor. I saw it was marked as new this weekend and I know I saw it last year and the year before......

  7. I really want to see MSK, but it will likely be a rental for me, as are almost all movies these days. Heh.

  8. I also hate the heat. It just makes me super cranky.

    I was so tempted to buy the Twilight game when I was at my local Target last week. I would have no one to play it with though, so I passed. Thanks for the review, lol. Now I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

  9. I am a sweaty whore just like you. I HATE the heat.

  10. I HATE the heat, too.

    Am debating whether I want to see MSK. Read the book, but not sure about the movie. Thanks for the review! Maybe I will go if I feel the urge for a good cry.


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