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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mundane monday. mundayne? hmm.

i haven't posted much in the way of new recipes in a while. i'm still cooking a lot of our dinners, but they're mostly do-overs, and that's not exciting to blog about.

however, i did try out a new dish last week that i found on my favorite recipe site, myrecipes.com. it's a great, light, vegetarian-friendly entree and yay - the teen really liked it. i give you...macadamia-nut pesto fettuccine!

to be completely honest, i wasn't a huge fan. too lemon-y for me. although i must say, all that fresh basil made the house smell very pretty. the hub didn't seem to care for it either. boo.

oh, and check it out - i'm in glamour magazine! yeah, i know blocking out some of the info is pretty redundant considering you could easily pick up a copy and thumb through the pages if you wanted to, but i doubt you care that much. hell, i probably wouldn't.

mom of the year, i am.

the reunion meeting was, as always, super fun. we each have a list of assignments to tackle before next month's gathering, but luckily, planning a party isn't exactly rocket science.

hmm. not much else to report. life is good, but less than exciting. i hope tomorrow is more blogworthy.


  1. Lately I've been using allrecipes.com a lot. I only use recipes with 100+ reviews, just so I know what to expect :) Wan is famous!

  2. I love that you were quoted in glamour!

  3. I was in Glamour a couple years back - my Newsweek/Wall Street Journal friend has a friend who's a writer there and she needed some quotes regarding wedding planning. Good times!

    Make sure you keep a couple copies - we have a special section of our bookshelf for magazines featuring me, the hubs, and for some reason our friend Reid from his "I'm going to be a professional model" phase.

  4. Did you graduate with those women?

    Because...um...you look a LOT younger.

  5. [peeping] super ditto Jonesy and Weemo. I have the Glamour mag and I saw it for myself btw - nice!


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