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Monday, June 22, 2009

the streak is over.


i haven't been sick in over two years - since before the bean was a bean. and in all her [almost] 21 months of life, she's not been sick aside from the occasional teething fever. those don't count in my book. i'd always been worried about getting sick, since i wasn't sure if i'd end up passing it on to her via nursing sessions. i take my prenatal vitamins faithfully every night, and i was sure that it was helping keep me healthy, because both the hub and the teen have gone through umpteen illnesses over the last couple of years and i've managed to escape unscathed.

but yesterday, our luck ran out. the bean woke up with a super warm little body, and i had a weird tickle in the back of my throat that made me cough every five minutes and a headache that wouldn't quit. i took her temperature and it wasn't horrible - she was at 99.4 degrees - and i broke down and popped an advil. i haven't taken any kind of meds aside from the motrin from the doc way back when the bean sprung forth from my loins.

we ended up spending the majority of father's day chilling on the couch with the hub, who worked on his laptop while the bean and i took several catnaps throughout the afternoon. and we watched several episodes of "blue's clues" and a few movies - "tropic thunder" (holy crap, tom cruise is really funny in that movie. made me think he was a little less bizarre), "walk in the clouds" (oh, yes. keanu reeves isn't a great actor, but it was fun to revisit that flick), and bits and pieces of other movies that i can't even remember anymore. heh.

as is her nature, the bean didn't let a little fever get to her. she was her same old good-natured, sweet, funny little self - just a little extra tired and sleepy. you could see how crappy she was feeling when you looked at her little face. so sad. but she was cute and charming as always when we went over to the grandparents' for a father's day bbq.

and as for me, i'm at work, but i feel like shit. my back hurts, my body aches, and i'm coughing constantly, but hell, i'm only here for four hours. fuck it. i can hang.

the only other annoyance is that our internet at home seems to have taken a crap. this sucks so much, especially since i just downloaded a fun weekend's worth of pictures that i wanted to blog about! i hope we can figure out how to fix it, because otherwise the only blogging i'll get to do is from the iPhone or at work, and this stupid windows vista that i hate so much really blows when it comes to blogging with pictures.

is it friday yet?


  1. Apologies. I blame myself.

    For delicious calorie-free hydration, I highly recommend SoBe lifewater, particularly fuji apple pear, yumberry pomegranate, and black and blue berry.

  2. You're going to get her infected with the chicken pox soon, right? What age are you supposed to do that? I know I was in preschool, but I don't think my brother was quite there yet.


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