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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the bean in action! well, sort of.

i'd shot a quick video of the bean's "i'm sleeping! but i'm eating! wait, i'm still sleeping!" bit. and per your request...

(well, SOMEONE'S request. at least i didn't say "by popular demand.")

hee hee!! i love it.


  1. awww...this is so cute. i love it!

  2. *squeal* was it my request?! Ah, I <3 the Bean. Sadly, I bet I do that sucking thing in my sleep :/ "mmm, french fries"

  3. hahahaha. totally made me laugh...too cute. i make lip-smacking/chewing noises in my sleep still, according to the hubs.

  4. Even people without kids will have to admit this is ADORABLE!

  5. OMG!! It seems like yesterday that my nieces were babies and did he exact same thing. And the Bean's cheeks are SO CUTE!! I heart babies.

  6. she's unbarred!!!!!
    that is so freaking adorable. i'm so in love.

  7. Dreaming about eating. This is a girl after my own heart.

  8. I pray that my future children are as good as the bean! She is such a cute little sleeper!


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