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Monday, January 14, 2008

i'm shedding

like a frickin' dog. all that gorgeously luxe hair i had during pregnancy is finally starting to come out now, and it sucks ass. every time i brush it, i find clumps of it in my hand.

and in the shower.

and on the floor.

even on the poor bean.

i'm going to end up bald before i know it.

last friday, i took the bean to her first gymboree class. there was only one other baby there, and she ended up getting really cranky, so her mother scooped her up and took her home - essentially leaving us in a private class. this sounds cool, except for the fact that part of the fun of gymboree is socializing! oh, well.

the bean smiled and cooed her way through the whole 45-minute class, and i was amazed at how quickly the time went by, even though we were in a class of one. so of course, we signed up for membership. remember, i'm an absolute sucker when it comes to stuff for my kids (see saturday's post. the hub is, too). and now we're signed up for a weekly class on fridays at 11:45. yay! and an unexpected bonus: instant nap. all those colors and singing and stuff really wiped her out:

i was looking at the calendar and realized that we're lucky enough to have the kid home with us for her spring break, so now we're trying to think of somewhere fun that we haven't been yet. this pretty much rules out most places in california, anything disney-related, and hawaii. she said "oooh, paris!" but told her that we wanted to do that in summer, when we can go for longer than a week.  "a cruise?" was her next suggestion, but i had to nix that.  for some reason, the hub + cruise = instant asshole.  he hates being cooped up on a cruise ship and considers it hell on earth rather than vacation.  trust me.  i tried taking him on those weekend cruises twice, and ended up seriously considering throwing him overboard.

and then we started looking at cabo san lucas and cancun, so we may be headed for me-hi-co! and her spring break seems to be during a week that not many other kids have off, so the prices aren't too bad. but i'd love some other ideas on places to go. suggestions?

i sat down last night and made up a menu of dinners for the whole week - i'm getting to really dig this whole home-cooked meals thing. and then i remembered that i'd bought a copy of jessica seinfeld's "deceptively delicious" cookbook. she's devised some recipes that incorporate fruit and vegetable purees, but you can't really tell they're in there, which means we're eating healthy and don't really know it. heh. now, i know she's being sued by some heffa who claims to have come up with the idea first, but i don't care. if this means i can make healthy meals that still taste good, i don't give a shit WHO wrote up the recipes.

so we're off to the grocery store. yay! i love shopping for food. and cooking it. and smelling it. and eating it.

hmm, i'm hungry.


  1. I think we would be friends if we lived closer. : )

  2. Vacay suggestion - Nuevo Vallarta at Paradise Village. Very family friendly, all inclusive and the plane ride is shorter than Cancun.

  3. Smelling it and eating it is the best part. Mmmm....

  4. If you are thinking about Cancun, I would suggest Playa del Carmen instead. It is soooo beautiful and less cheesy and crowded than Cancun.

    Also, on the west coast, Puerto Vallarta is beautiful!

  5. ditto on Playa del Carmen also, the Club Med in Ixtapa is really clean and family friendly.

  6. shopaholic? that girl's got no chance in hell.

  7. Ha, finally I found something in common with your husband: I cannot stand cruises as well.

  8. mm...fruit puree. cozumel or playa del carmen is less likely to be touristy/crowded with college spring breakers. for something quieter, you could try villa amor, somewhere outside of puerto vallarta.


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