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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i'm so weird.

i had another one of my crazy dreams last night.

i was sitting in front of the computer (no, that's not the crazy part) and was going absolutely INSANE trying to find an entry i'd made about chicken.

great. looking for a food post in this blog? hello, needle in a damn haystack.

and then i realized i'd made a huge mistake way back when i started the blog - oh, only 200+ posts ago. i'd totally ignored using any labels, and now i get to add something to yesterday's list: go back and label each. and. every. stinking. post. oy.

but as always, i looked for a silver lining and found it: i get to relive and reminisce over the last year. that's kind of fun, although time consuming as a mo-fo. oh, well.

i also remembered something else that should've been on that list, that was the inspiration for posting the list in the first place: the bean's baby book. i really want to get going on it and keep it up, so that i don't forget stuff. the kid got all indignant with me the other day when she asked me what her first word was.

and i couldn't remember.

how sad.

when stuff like that is happening, you swear it's a life-changing event that you'll never forget. and then you get old like me and forget little details like YOUR KID'S FIRST WORD. but hey, since i'll be re-reading this damn blog for the bean's book, it'll actually help me remember little details and dates and things. yippee.

and last night, i totally got caught up in posting reviews about local businesses on yelp.com. some of you probably figured this out when you opened your e-mail and found one from me, begging you to be my yelp friend. heh.

anyway, i was having a good old time, offering my feedback and opinions on such places as lola baby, assael bmw, and gymboree. and before i knew it, it was 1:00 and the hub was snoring on the couch in front of the tv and the bean had been asleep in my moby wrap for hours. oops. i poked him to tell him i was going into the bedroom, and he stumbled in behind me with the dog at his heels.

speaking of the hub, vacation planning with that man is like pulling teeth. he's a damn molar, i swear.


he's a wisdom tooth!

no, even better - he's an IMPACTED wisdom tooth. ugh! he's all for planning our mexican spring break trip, but whenever i try to go over details with him (you know, little things like flight times, hotels, etc.), he either gets that glazed look that husbands get (you know the one, if you've got a husband), or totally makes fun of everything i show him, and gets the kid involved. i swear, when those two get together and gang up on me, i want to reach out and knock their heads together. oy! and i can't make these decisions single-handedly, because god forbid something should go wrong, or my choices aren't up to his lofty standards, and it'll all be MY fault.

the kid and i have our complimentary session with a personal trainer at the gym this afternoon. yay. she's less than thrilled, but was willing to sign up knowing i'd be right next to her. i'm guessing it would've been easier for her had we been assigned a female trainer, but we didn't, and she'll just have to deal. but that'll make three days in a row that we've hit the gym, and that's a good thing.


  1. What? You couldn't just search for "chicken"?

    Mr. Monkey is the opposite. He plans all of our vacations -- every single detail. I am leaving tomorrow with little inkling of what is to come.

    Oh, and guess who has blogs unblocked now?!

  2. I hate trying to make plans with other people and they aren't being helpful. You know if something goes wrong, they'll blame it all on you. Vacation trop planning should be fun, so just ignore them and enjoy it. I'm jealous that you get to go somewhere cool and I don't.

  3. you and your crazy dreams! ;)

    i label my posts, but it's quite haphazard and could be organized in a much more efficient manner. ah well.

    i usually plan all of our trips, but since hubs doesn't usually care what we do or where we stay, it works out alright for us. i hope the trip planning starts to look up!

  4. I don't have a husband, but I know the look.

  5. Oh, that look! I hate it. I'm experiencing something similar for our NY trip this summer. Oy indeed!

    I keep telling myself to label my posts. Yeah...hasn't happened yet. :/

    Good luck at the trainer!

  6. My hubby is opposite, like Mr. Monkey. He does the whole thing, while I just show up.

  7. The new layout is pretty.

    My brothers are always hurt that my baby book is ginormous and theirs are mere photos shoved into the pages of my book. I'm sure the Bean will appreciate her book when she's older. :)

  8. Welcome to the world of Yelp! It's quite addicting, although I haven't Yelped in a while.

  9. Chicken cravings in your sleep! Love it. :)


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