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Saturday, January 12, 2008

what doesn't kill me...will only make me fat.

at last night's shindig, the monkey shared a funny story about her lunch at the hat - one of my very favorite places to eat. so bad, but so good. anyway, i'm not going to share the story because she probably will, but let's just say that it involved chili cheese fries - with pastrami on top. i learned that the hat will put pastrami on anything you want, and this is probably a very bad, bad thing for me to know.

so i was stoked when the hub suggested that we grab a quick dinner from there before he left to go hang out with his brother. and of course, i had to test the "pastrami goes on anything" theory - but not before telling him that he'd be on his own with the bean for a little while tomorrow while i hit the treadmill. oh, yes.

i pulled up, ordered the hub's very-boring-but-much-better-for-you tuna sandwich, took a deep breath, and spit it out: "um, and an order of wet fries with pastrami."

as one of my new friends says, anything's better with gravy.

shhhhh. do you hear that?

it's my arteries. they're crying and begging for mercy.


  1. I'm so behind that you scooped me on my own story.

  2. Omg. Pastrami + fries = pure genius!

  3. No way dude... what is this "Hat" place you speak of?

  4. at the hat, the hubs always orders a tuna sandwich, and i always get wet fries. i must try them with pastrami on top next time. i haven't dared yet.

    aline, there is one in irvine (very far south in irvine, or maybe it's in lake forest?) and another in brea near the mall.

  5. yup, aline, it's in lake forest. 23641 rockfield blvd. (no, i didn't memorize all the locations, i looked it up. but i've been to almost all of them).

    seriously, you must try. at least once. it'll be worth the treadmill tomorrow.

  6. my ass just grew looking at that picture.

  7. you know you can get the chili fries with pastrami, cheese, tomatoes, and pickles, right? it's so good, it stops your heart. :P

    ~ pinktrojan

  8. sadly, i still haven't been there. :/

  9. Heart attack in a little paper bowl.


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