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Friday, January 4, 2008

mmm, trader joe's

unlike many of my buddies, i'm not really a trader joe's regular. it's not that i don't like their stuff, it just doesn't often occur to me to head over there. but every time i do go, i find all sorts of yummies that end up in my cart. too many, usually. ooh! like sweet and salty nutty trek mix! OMG. that stuff is so delicious.

we're going to a dinner party tonight with the hub's partner and the rest of his teammates and spouses. i'd asked the partner's wife if i could help, because i knew she'd be a little frazzled at juggling it all - prepping, cooking, cleaning, plus taking care of their two VERY active and rambunctious boys. so she assigned me the task of picking up dessert, and she mentioned the tiramisu torte that she'd served before from trader joe's.

the kid, the bean and i wanted some breakfast, so after hitting up the burger king drive-thru (and scooping up one of my beloved mocha joe drinks), we headed over to TJs. the kid wanted to sit and eat her breakfast, so she volunteered to wait in the car with the bean. and that's a good thing, because then i knew i'd have limited time to browse.

i still managed to pick up about four packs of cookies, plus two of the tiramisu tortes. these butter almond cookies are so delish. the kid and i GRUBBED on these at the hub's grandparents' house one night and so i had to pick some up. mmmmm, cookies.

but then i got home and read an e-mail that told me the guest list had increased, and could i bring three tiramisu tortes? poop. i sure don't mind - these things are all of $7 apiece - but that means a second trip. one that's not as rushed. which means i'll have plenty of time to browse all the aisles and find lots and lots of snacks and treats and things. uh-oh. looks like i'll get some of that trek mix after all. [dancing a jig]

i'm about to take the kid to meet up with her dad, and then the bean and i are going to have sushi lunch with the hub. oh, yum. i can't wait for some crunchy rolls.

and, i decided to return the sling i bought yesterday. i've actually got a different one that'll work just fine and fit nicely in the diaper bag. that way i can look for other fun stuff to buy in the store instead ;)


  1. Yum! What's also dangerous is going to TJ's when you are hungry. I came home with chipotle fries and egg rolls last night...

  2. i like trader joe's but the parking is so crazy, that i don't get out there a lot. i'll have to try that torte though... sounds tasty!

  3. TJ's isn't really close to me so that's why I never go, but it sounds cool. :)

  4. I'll tell you why you're not a TJ regular -- you know how to cook. Most TJ-obsessed are somewhat kitchen-impaired. ;)

  5. Ahhh, I <3 TJ's. Buuut, I have never heard of a tiramisu torte... I think I will have to introduce myself next time I go shopping! :)

  6. I <3 everything at TJs! the ice cream bon bons are my new obsession.

  7. I agree with the monkey. TJ's is heaven for people who can't cook.

  8. I agree with the monkey. TJ's is heaven for people who can't cook.

  9. we go to tj's because we are too lazy to cook. totally.

    that torte is so yummy. i love it. the chocolate opera cake is pretty dang good, too.

    [munching on my candy cane joe joe's/oreos]

  10. I'm a TJ's freak. The food is convenient, fresh, and affordable. And I really love how the workers wear Hawaiian shirts. So cheerful!

  11. i love TJs. we just got two here in the last year or so. i can't get enough three-buck chuck, the cheap prices on good cheese, the greek yogurt. .. . all the fun dipping oils. . . the list goes on and on. i also olove the hawaiian feel, naturally.

  12. i feel you about not 'thinking' about going to TJ's... it just never crosses my mind (except when i'm driving by it). they do have cool stuff though! i love their samosas and their marsala dressing


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