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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

hair, happiness, and heath

ever since meeting MBOC at the charity fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, i've been absolutely obsessed with her hair. i mean, i think about it nearly nonstop. lame, right? i know. and she was such a crack-up when i was a big puddle of gushy idiocy:

"dude, you don't want MY hair. it's victoria beckham's hair you want!"

but anyone who's known me through the years will be aware of the fact that my hair has run the gamut - from brenda's stick-straight with bangs 90210 hair to the waaaaay overdone rachel do from "friends" to reese's adorable cut in "sweet home alabama". this also doesn't include the many, many bad perms in the 80's. [shudder]

i'm fairly certain that my face is far too round to pull off a cut like MBOC/vicky's. but i keep wondering if perhaps i can have the same cut - just a little bit longer. like, just long enough to touch my shoulders.

oh, so conflicted.

and i can't have a post that doesn't mention food at least ONCE. it just wouldn't be me, you know?

the bean and i went to the grocery store yesterday to buy stuff for dinners for the week. i was all set to try out this chicken cordon bleu pasta recipe and bought a rotisserie chicken to use in it, but while talking to the hub on his way home, he said the chicken sounded really good on its own. so i just made some rice to go with it, and that was that. anyway, as i was looking for frozen peas, i found this:

i love cinnamon. i love cream cheese. and god knows i love bread. so i scooped it up and turned on the convection oven the moment i walked through the door to try 'em out.

mmmmm, delish. soft and chewy, with just the right amount of cinnamon, and the cream cheese was perfectly gooey and sweet. i'm sitting on my hands to keep from getting up and making the second tray right now. so scrumptious.

and it looks like i'm finally going to have lunch with my friend A! yay! after weeks of trying to get our schedules in sync so that we can visit and exchange christmas presents (!), we finally decided to just have her come over with the kids, picking up some yummy costco pizza on the way. pizza, soda, and presents. sounds good to me.

my daily bean snapshot:

and lastly, r.i.p., heath ledger. i so loved you in "10 things i hate about you" and "the patriot" (which was the first movie i ever saw alone). i'm so sad for your sweet baby girl, and for your grieving family and friends.

the only good thing about paparazzi is that one day, she'll be able to see pictures of you taking walks with her perched on your shoulders, enjoying simple pleasures together, and how much you loved her.


  1. I am so tempted to bring the picture of posh to my stylist next week.

    that photo of heath and his kid makes me sad.

  2. i think you could pull that 'do off.

    they're now saying that the cops really don't think it was a suicide. which makes the whole thing even more depressing :(

  3. I think you'd look awsome in that 'do because the longer front pieces would make your face look less round and more long.

  4. When I got my last cut (the one I consulted you all on via email), that's sort of what I ended up with - a longer version of The Posh/MBOC. My stylist is of the impression that if you have a roundish face (like me) and you get a cut that ends at your jaw line, it'll just make your face/head look wider. So I definitely think you can pull a longer-than-chin-length Posh/MBOC off.

  5. i think you could pull it off. i had a similar 'do when i still had baby fat on my face (late HS), and it actually made me look glam and older. too bad it's too high-maintenance with my hair texture and i am so lazy.

  6. I covet MBOC's hair too. Go for it! It'll grow back if it's not quite right. :)

    Sad about Heath. That's a great picture of him with his daughter though.

  7. You could totally pull off the Posh hair. You have to have straight hair for it, if it's wavy, it's Posh hair gone wrong.

    You have to check out this website with super cute baby/kid stuff. I'm obsessed!


  8. sbI'm thinking about getting a longer posh haircut too! Alllooksame.

  9. I think you could totally rock the MBOC.. I say do it.

  10. damn it, now I'm all sad all over again about HL. Did you hear that he complained recently that he had been having trouble sleeping after shooting Batman and started taking sleeping pills to help. This is truly sad.


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