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Saturday, January 12, 2008

tickets for WHO??

my husband is a saint.

those jonas brothers concert tickets go on sale today. and yesterday, i read on the website that they're only selling the first 20 rows of the venue AT the venue's box office. they're doing it lottery-style - wristbands are being handed out at 10:00am, drawing a number at 11:15, and then the tickets go on sale at noon.

holy crap.

i told him about the process last night, and that i was considering getting up early to drive down to universal city to get in line. he just looked at me with bleary, tired eyes and nodded, so i set the alarm and we went to bed.

and when it went off this morning, he got up, got dressed, and told me that he was going to make the drive. i think he was afraid i was going to leave him with the bean again (who'd done a good amount of crying last night in my absence, apparently). ha! i was totally going to take her with me, and told him so, but he said it would be easier if he went.

having gone through this back in the days of n*sync and britney spears, i had an idea of what to expect. but he called me a little while ago and said that there were a THOUSAND people in front of him (perhaps an exaggeration, but maybe not by much). shit.

and just now, he texted me and said that they hadn't handed out the wristbands yet. it's 10:38. eek.

update: the jonas brothers are actually AT the venue, getting the fans all hyped up. the hub just called me and i couldn't even hear what he was saying through all the screaming. and damn, his cell phone camera is shit. i wish the kid had gone with him. poop.

update #2: i got tickets! i managed to get locked out of ticketmaster.com (bastards!) and i was on my cell phone AND landline, trying to get through. i looked like a crazy person, but i finally got through via the landline and back onto the website at the same time, so i just bought whatever i could. they aren't great - in the mezzanine section - but we're going. and the venue isn't that big, so i'm hoping that any seat will be at least decent. fuckyeah! the hub is still hanging out to see if he can get better seats. and i have a pair to sell.

and now they're sold out online and via phone. hee! the kid's gonna be STOKED.

update #3: the hub's still waiting, they're calling the numbers really slowly and it's starting to warm up. i told him we got tickets, and he said he'd stick around to the bitter end, just in case. again, he's a saint. he deserves a reward. ;)

and now i'm sitting here eating another burger bite. mmmmmm.

update #4:  my poor hub.  he really did stay till the very end, only to have his number called for the 3rd show.  on sunday.  the one we can't go to, because it's a school night.  and, he wasn't even going to get in the first 20 rows (the whole reason he even went down there).  he was down there for 6+ hours.  :|

we owe him, and we owe him BIG.  and now he's at the cigar shop, trying to relax and unwind after a frustrating and long day. plus, i went to ebay and found that the tickets are already online, with ridiculous prices.  once i have the [better] ones i ordered over the phone in my hot little hand, i'm putting the other set on there.  we'll be able to make some concert tee cash!  whee!


  1. Such a sweetie! I'm sending him lots of good luck vibes to get the tix!

  2. ah, he is such a good guy!

    i really hope he gets the tix (and that the kid isn't too upset she didn't go with him)

  3. he wins the husband of the year award!

  4. I don't know. Cat's hubby might also be in the running for HOTY.

    MVP! MVP! Mmm. Cheese.

  5. I can't wait to become a nestie. =)

    I second the nomination for husband of the year award.

  6. he's the best. and i'm sure the kid will vote you two the best. and. coolest. parents. ever.

  7. Seriously, husband of the year. Wow.

  8. How cool is he? Remind Moody Teen when she wants to be snippy with Hubs. ;)


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