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Monday, January 7, 2008

fruit? not for me, but thanks.

i forget that not everyone who reads my blog knows this tidbit about me, which others find either fascinating or stupid:


i won't touch it. it's a texture thing, but this makes me look even more like an ass because i do like a lot of veggies, and sushi too. although now that i think about it, i don't really do the raw sushi - usually rolls that consist of cooked ingredients. but the texture of most fruit just grosses me the hell out. and the taste of fresh fruit isn't yummy to me, either. like, i had a glass of freshly-squeezed grape juice at il fornaio once, and it gave me a whole new appreciation for welch's.

yes, i do like fruit-flavored things, and i drink juice. but if there's fruit in anything on my plate, it's getting picked out. and don't ask "even apples? or [insert random fruit here]??" yes, even apples and any other kind of ordinary (or exotic) fruit.


i just googled "fruit aversion", and i was amused to find this post. turns out i'm not the only one after all!


  1. OMG... are you serious? Let's see, there are fruit that I do not like (for their consistency) but there are fruit that I absolutely LLLLLLL-OVE. Fresh squeezed oj is perfect with a great breakfast, and summer cherries are my all time favorite.
    Do you like fruit soaked in al-ky-hol? Wait a minute, you don't really drink do you?
    Aw spit!

  2. Does the kid share this hatred of fruit?

  3. that chowhound blog is hilarious!

    I'm not a huge fan of fruit but I think it has to do largely with the fact that it's usually picked when it's not ripe.

  4. It's ok, I still think you're cool :)

  5. My relatives react the same way towards me when they find out I detest kimchi. They can't fathom a Korean girl not eating the stuff. To them, it's like a human not liking air. Doesn't make sense.

  6. It's one of the things I love about you. It's also one of the things that make me wonder about your sanity :)

  7. Your fruit aversion makes me giggle. I hate tomatoes for the same reason so I "get" you in the texture regards.

    And look! You have fruit hater friends! :)


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