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Sunday, January 27, 2008

snow day!

well, not exactly. at least, not the kind where you get a free day off from school. but it WAS quite a fun, snow-filled day!

i have lots of pictures to upload from the fancy-schmancy camera, but i'll probably do that tomorrow. that's
AFTER we get back from going to the dreaded l.a. county recorder's office to get the bean's birth certificate, and also from fabric barn. i'm working on a big invitation order, and the ribbon i ordered online just isn't the right color. damn. i hope it doesn't rain on us tomorrow - at least, not till we get home. ugh.

anyway, as i mentioned in my last post, we headed up to wrightwood yesterday to spend some time with the ILs - have some dinner, hang out at their casa, rent some movies, spend the night and play in the snow. we picked up the kid's BFF, packed up the car (not only did we load up on the bean's gear, but our snow stuff, too), and took off for the mountains.

it was absolutely gorgeous when we arrived - just before the last of the daylight disappeared. it's such a big difference between our rainy neighborhood and the snowy, winter wonderland they live in. of course, there are dangers - the ski area at nearby mountain high had several avalanches that ended up killing a couple of skiers who ended up lost/out of bounds. eek.

we enjoyed a yummy dinner of pork chops with gravy (as always, everything's better with gravy. or bacon), rice, green beans, and fresh biscuits, hot from the oven. there was lots of hot cocoa, plus warm brownies, and chocolate chip cookies - also fresh from the oven. we're always so spoiled at the IL's house.

the boys went up for some night snowboarding, and FIL took the girls to rent some movies. they came home with SIX - day after tomorrow, pirates of the caribbean 2, blades of glory, edward scissorhands (the kid LOVES johnny depp), batman begins, and the bratz movie. that's right. the bratz movie. oof.

we popped in "day after tomorrow" and settled in with more cocoa and blankets. halfway through the movie, the boys returned from snowboarding - tired, wet, and hungry for cookies. lucky for them, we saved a few ;)

i managed not to fall asleep during the movie, but didn't last more than ten minutes into "batman begins." i can't decide if i was just tired or utterly bored at the lack of interesting plotline. oh, well. we went to bed as soon as the credits started rolling.

then this morning, the bean woke up at her usual time and we got up just in time to see the ILs for a few minutes before leaving for their usual sunday church marathon routine. they're really heavily involved and are there for all three services - MIL runs the nursery and FIL often takes preaching duties when the regular pastor is out.

i threw together some scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and leftover biscuits and we ate breakfast while watching that horrid bratz movie. i can't even believe i watched that drivel. i'm so ashamed. even the girls were cringing at the sheer cheesiness of it all. damn you, paula abdul, for bringing that crap to life. the dolls were bad enough.

the smell of the bacon woke up the hub, and after having some food, he and the girls threw on snow gear and went outside to play. again, i have lots of pictures, so i'll post those tomorrow (hopefully). they built a cute little mini-me snowman, had a snowball fight, and took the bean outside just long enough to get snow in her hair. awww, my little snow bunny.

the ILs got back in time to have some lunch with us, and then BIL and the hub went outside to ride their ATVs before we got back in the car to head home. and that was one hell of a long drive. what normally takes 45-ish minutes ended up killing a good two hours. the crazy number of folks on the road, plus those who crowded the lanes, parking near sledding spots (why do these people ALWAYS have their kids sledding down hills towards the busy main streets? why?) caused such horrifically slow-moving traffic, we were ready to pull our hair out by the roots (of course, not MY fabulous new hair, ha!). and to make matters worse, it was snowing really hard. it looked like a dish of dippin' dots had spilled across our windshield.

mmmmm, dippin' dots. those are fantastic.

[shaking head vigorously]

um, so anyway - we finally got down the hill (slowly, but safely), dropped the BFF off, and picked up some sansei grub for dinner. mollydog was pretty happy to see us come home, and she peed a trail of excitement coming over to welcome us home. oy.


  1. Thank you for reminding me about Paula Abdul's breakdown on her reality show while creating the Bratz movie wardrobe. That was glorious television.

  2. that is my kind of snow day -- sans the whole skiing or snowboarding stuff. ;)

    i'm drooling at all that food too. yum!

  3. Fun! I looooved Edward Scissorhands and I loooooved Batman Begins. (Give that one another shot. Christian Bale gets hotter as the movie goes on.)

    And Dippin Dots? No, Wan, no! That's "Freezer Burn of the Future." Bleh! ;)

  4. Mmmmn, Dpiin' Dots. I saw the creator on a documentary and he was a totally cool dude. They sell a knock off at Albertson's but be forewarned that it has fake sugar in it, though they don't advertise the fake sugar part. I'm allergic to fake sugar so I always give a warning-if you don't mind it then you can get "Dippin' Dots" style ice cream for home.

  5. i hate those "snowplayers," too. love the new header. ;)

  6. Bacon good!

    I.H.O.P. GOOD! Bacon from I.H.O.P. GOODER!!! (yes I know it's not a word-Whatever)

    For some reason I cant reply to Costco Pizza at 2...so here is my reply: "you bringing Costco Pizza to my house?" :)

  7. "...everything's better with gravy. or bacon."

    My life mantra. No truer words have ever been spoken.

  8. I wish I liked gravy. But I'm with you on the bacon part. ;)

  9. I had no idea there was a Bratz movie. What is the world coming to?!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!

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