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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

what do you get when

you take an overdone bleach job and add a horrific mystic tan?

is it me, or does jillian reynolds look particularly bad this week? and yes, i rewound the show, paused it, and then went to the other room, grabbed my cell phone, and took a picture. and she actually looks a little better in it than she did on tv. heh.

and the result of my "which prison break character are you?":

hey, at least i'm hot.


  1. Scary - I thought the exact same thing this morning.... what the heck?

  2. Ho boy...I thought the same thing! Not.a.good.look.Jilian.

  3. I LOVE your blog! Your little bean is too cute. Thanks for letting me be a stalker. :)

  4. I don't understand what people see in jilian? I have several guy friends who all think she's hot...huh?

  5. Jillian looks super slim, too compared to three weeks ago when she took her vacation. They were making jokes this morning and alluding to her having had plastic surgery while she was gone. Wouldn't surprise me, and honestly, I don't necessarily blame her!

  6. Looking at Jillian makes me want to vomit, and then she opens her mouth and garbage just comes pouring out...Yuck...not in the liking of Jillian!


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