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Friday, January 11, 2008

i luuuuurrrrve lurkers.

i'm ending my week with this:
it's national de-lurking week! i learned this from nanette, and i know i've already hit y'all up for comments in the past. but if you read my nonsense, and especially if you've never commented before, come on out and say hi! and if you're a blogger on the late train like me, go here for your own de-lurking pic. i "borrowed" mine from this site. leave me some lurkin' love!

i haven't even mentioned that i've been a cooking FOOL this week. aside from saving some cash in dinners out, i've had the chance to try out some really yummy (and easy) recipes, and the hub's loving it. not to mention, he's been getting home late - like after 9 - so he's been even more impressed that i've been able to pull off homecooked meals. although since these recipes are geared towards folks with jobs and things, they're usually ready within half an hour. ha!

(all recipes are from myrecipes.com. photos, too.)

ponzu-glazed flank steak and rice. really yummy, and the glaze smells so good when you're cooking it.

tuesday: fettuccine with prosciutto and asparagus. i love asparagus. i love prosciutto. i love pasta. thankfully, the hub loved it too.

wednesday: chicken sate with peanut sauce. my friend A sent me another chicken sate recipe, but i didn't have the time to marinate it overnight, so i went with this one, and it was delish. peanut sauce is yummy! i served it with sticky white rice and it was the perfect combo. it's meant to be an appetizer, but who cares?

thursday: chicken and mushrooms in garlic white wine sauce. this one took a little longer than half an hour, but not by much, and it was really worth it. plus, i threw in homemade biscuits. i found this recipe on the o.c. nest board - it's a homemade version of those yummy cheesy biscuits you get at red lobster (this photo is from their website). they were damn tasty. i'm snacking on a few for breakfast as i type this.

tonight, i'm trading my chef's hat for a dressier look - i'm jumping into one of two "cool cars" - carpooling with a group of my l.a. knotties to a charity wine/fondue event in irvine, hosted by some of the o.c. nesties. i'm so excited! i'm so excited! i'm so....SCARED! the thought of meeting the o.c. girls is rather daunting, but i'm told that they're tame and won't bite. we'll see ;)

i'm going to bust out a dress from many moons ago - okay, it's from last christmas and i wore it to the hub's team christmas dinner. i hope it fits, and doesn't make me look like ass. maybe if i just hang out in a doorway, striking a pose like the girl modeling it, i'll be a'ight. ya think?


  1. Yes, please strike that pose the ENTIRE NIGHT!

  2. shut up. you'll be cute tonight. i think you will need to pose for me like that so i can take a pic.

    please come over and cook for us. 30 minute meals don't work when you get home at 8 and are supposed to be in bed by 10-11. i need like 5 minute meals.

  3. I'm not a lurker but want to say Hi! The recipes look yummy - I'll have to try them. Especially the satay.

  4. Hmph. Your dress is cute. Mine is so not in comparison. And yes, please strike that pose for pics.

  5. Guilty! I've been a lurker for quite some time now. I love reading about your adventures with your hub, the kid & your sweet little bean. Your little one reminds me of my little one...only yours has a ton of hair & mine doesn't have an eye patch. :-P

    BTW, I'm gonna try the satay recipe this weekend. Looks delish.

  6. Knottie Lurker here :-) I love the recipes... the easier the better.

  7. yayay - excited to meet wan tonight!

  8. Those biscuits are making my mouth water. Bread and cheese. Yum.

    Have fun tonight! You'll love the OC Bunch. Tell them hi for me!

  9. Please post a ton of pictures!!

  10. I've written before but showin ya some love. Thanks for the heads up on the 1/2 tickets. We'll be going sometime soon.
    Even though there's no pics of the Bean today, I just so want to bite her cheeks!

  11. I'm not really a lurker, but I'll post anyway...

  12. I'm a lurker and found you through Nanette. I enjoy reading your daily random thoughts!


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