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Saturday, January 5, 2008

yeah, #3 for today.

what can i say, it's been a slow day.

i don't know why i just remembered this, but a couple of nights ago i dreamed that victoria beckham came to my house and we had a playdate with our kids.

and then leonard maltin came over for the sole purpose of telling me that he was a regular reader of my blog, but that i was a horrible writer. victoria told him that he was may-juh-ly styoo-pid and threw him out of my house. i showed her the "junior high" rating of my blog from the other day and she patted me on the shoulder and gave me her shoes.

and now i'm pissed off. damn you, leonard maltin. what the fuck were you doing in MY house, in MY dream, telling ME that i'm a bad writer? if i ever see you in person, i'm going to kick you in the penis.

plus, those shoes were really cute.

i have some really weird ass fucking dreams sometimes.


  1. this reminds me of my hubs' dreams. i don't know how leonard maltin in. googling now...

  2. ah, I have crazy dreams too. funny about the celebs though. they never have time to "pop" into my dreams. damn them!

  3. same here. and then i usually wake up all confused and stuff. no fun.

  4. I love how Posh defended your honor...or honoUr. It's that British chivalry.

  5. Your dreams are definitely funnier than mine.

  6. Yeah...who's Leonard Maltin? :) Funny and totally random!


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