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Saturday, January 5, 2008

mah baby's growing up!

the bean's had a few "firsts" this weekend. i'm just not ready for her to pick up all these new skills! i want to keep her little and cute and cuddly. [sigh] and these things may sound silly and inconsequential, but trust me, they're HUGE.

okay, the first one is kinda gross, but i laughed my ass off. i picked out her first crusty boogers yesterday! hee hee! sorry. just be glad i didn't take any pictures. :X

and last night, i noticed her reaching for her toy. it's got squishy and squeaky and rattly pieces that dangle at the bottom, and she was using her little digits to flick the little plastic flowers back and forth. she was looking at it really intently and smiling and gurgling at it, and i just melted.

and then, this morning, i was doing some laundry (yay). i threw the clean, dry towels in the basket and plopped the bean right on top of them. i was chattering to her as i always do, talking about what else i needed to do, making faces, and i was smiling and leaning down to give her a smooch. and then she looked right at me, gave me the biggest, sweetest smile, and laughed. this was most definitely a new trick, and i got her to do it a few more times before again melting into a big puddle of motherly pride right there in the living room.

she's started doing one more fun thing - aside from her (now) usual cooing and gurgling and "talking", she's figured out that if she moves her tongue around while she's using her voice, she can make cool new sounds. woo-hoo! again, probably sounds really lame to you, but it's really fabulous to me.

this concludes the cutesy portion of today's post. you may now continue with your regularly scheduled blog reading.


  1. the bean is almost single-handedly melting this lump of baby hate.

  2. yay for bean!!!!! babies laughing is the best thing in the whole world.

  3. ah, i like hearing all the stories from proud mama bean. so cute! :)

  4. you are almost making me want to have a kid right now.


  5. I thought you were going to say that she rolled off the warm laundry pile. I also think you owe us some video of this cuteness, Miss Wan :P

  6. Awww, giggling, babbling bean! So cute!!!

  7. Awww . . . this post is so cute (except the booger part). You should definitely videotape her laughing! They grow up so quickly.

  8. The sobbing you hear is my uterus weeping for me to bear a child.

  9. Babies laughing is quite possibly my most favorite sound in the whole wide world.


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