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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

candy, concerts, and the travel bug

i get to pick the kid up today from school, and it's minimum day, so double yay - a sighting on my "off" week, with extra bonus time! it really isn't hard to make me happy. the little things bring me much joy.

the kid is a huge fan of the jonas brothers. they're a cute trio of brothers often featured on the disney channel, alongside hannah montana and the like. in fact, i guess miley cyrus was dating the middle jonas brother. crap, i know far too much of this stuff. anyway, the kid's always talking about how she would LOVE to see them in concert. and they'd just been in town, opening for the hannah montana show (the one that folks were paying insane amounts of money for), so i told her that i doubted they'd be back anytime soon.

well, i was wrong. turns out they're kicking off another tour, this time with them as the headliners. but sadly for the kid, it's on a weekend she's with her dad. i told her to ask him if he'd be willing to take her, and if not, maybe i could take her. she's fun as hell to take to concerts these days, especially when she's totally into it. so i'm hoping she musters up the balls to ask her dad before the end of the week, because tickets go on sale saturday.

i've been catching up on my favorite candy blog, and i'd picked up these sweet treats from trader joe's last week:

i love the combination of sweet and salty, and i'd been dying to try fleur de sel caramels for a long time. i found a couple of easy looking recipes, but was afraid to try them out because they could either a. taste like ass and it'd be a waste of my time, or b. taste so wonderful that i'd be hooked and turn into a big fat cow as a result. looks like i can't avoid b. these are delicious. buttery, chewy, with a perfect hint of sea saltiness from the fleur de sel. the only complaint i have is that they're damn hard to get into - the wrappers are a pain in the ass to remove. what, i have to WORK for my candy? quelle horreur!

and, here's a picture of the bean in the sweater i showed you yesterday. i heart this sweater so:

it looks like our trip to nyc for nye next year isn't going to happen after all. the hub and i talked it over this weekend and decided that it just isn't the right time, with the bean being so little. i'm strangely not that sad about it, though. perhaps it was the topic we discussed afterwards - a possible trip to europe with the kids this summer! oh man, i hope that's not just talk. it would be so much damn fun. plus, we'd be able to squeeze in a quick visit with my cousin in nyc on the way out - you know, to break up the travel a little bit.

i so love to travel. there are so many places i want to see! cross your fingers for us. i haven't been able to indulge my travel bug in a long time.

lastly, i've been asked how i still manage to blog and play on the internet with a newborn. and here's my answer:



  1. that picture of the two of you is too. damn. cute. ;)

    oooh, europe would be fun this summer! i hope it works out for ya :)

  2. blogging and internet are easy with a newborn...just wait until shes 3 that is when you get nothing done.

  3. the fat man's girlfriend is sooo stinking cute

  4. I swear, I don't use the word "cute" this much anywhere else besides your blog.

  5. Best mom ever.

    I don't know if I can fit everyone in my suitcase, but I will try. The bean is still small right? =)

  6. if you go to europe, specifically brittany in france, you can get the best fleur de sel caramels EVER! so yummy...along with everything else there. ;)

  7. Soooooo jealz of Europe!

    AND OMG THE BEAN IS SOOOO CUTE!!! I just want to softly bite her cheeks so much!

  8. Love the last pic! And...candy blog? What have I been missing?!

  9. Europe, Europe, Europe!!

    I'm chanting my vibes to you that it works out.

    P.S. Please stop making Bean so cute. Please. You're trying to crack my resolve and I don't appreciate it.


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