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Saturday, January 26, 2008

the unveiling

okay, these pictures aren't great, but they're all i've got for now.

front and back:

whaddaya think? does it look like mom hair? i'm getting used to the air hitting the back of my neck, ha! and i really love it. i'm also pretty happy to have found a great go-to girl almost literally around the corner from the house.

the kid got a new cut, too:

kind of windblown here, but it's really, really adorable. she LOVES it. plus, our stylist was fabulous. when i got there and told her what i wanted and how nervous i was, she put me right at ease. she spent some time talking with me, looking at my face shape, running her hands through my hair to check the texture - all the things a great stylist SHOULD do. besides, her name was rochelle. that's my cousin and maid of honor's name! so i couldn't go wrong with her.

and i'm so thrilled i did it. it's relatively low-maintenance - the back of it will fall right into place as i blow it dry, and it takes a little bit of product, but nothing that'll take too much time. the only thing is, i was getting used to the minimal make-up! i'd pared it down to tinted moisturizer, powder, blush, and a little mascara and liner. i'll have to go back to the old routine, or i'll just look too blah.

as she was washing my hair, she was looking at the kid and saying "i could give her such a cool rock star cut, i can picture it already." and before i knew it, she'd handed her some magazines to look through and we were making an appointment for later in the afternoon.

she was also kind enough to use the same bumble & bumble products on both of us, so we could just buy one set and share it. yes, i'm a sucker, but i'm okay with it.

this was the bean as we sat and watched the kid get her hair did:

shit! the hub's walking in the door. we're off to wrightwood to have dinner with the ILs, spend the night, and play in the snow tomorrow. whee!


  1. Looks great Wan! I have the same haircut but I don't have as much hair as you do. Definitely not your mother's mom-do!

  2. chic and sleek. not a mom 'do, unless you're talking about posh spice as a mom. ;)

    love the kid's new hair, too. i like to think i'm still young enough to get a choppy, cool cut like that, but those sideswept bangs don't work as well on wavy hair, again. :( bah!

    anyway, you look fab!!!

  3. it looks awesome and not mom-like at all. well, maybe a cool mom. love the kid's do too. and you could never be blah, makeup or not!

  4. OMG!!! your cut looks amazing. it looks exactly like posh'e if i say so myself. you were not recognizable at first, i was like is that her?? cute =)

  5. It's so cute! I love it! It's definitely not a mom 'do.

  6. I luuurrrve your new 'do! I wish my hair wasn't so coarse... I's look more like sally field than posh. you're a pretty hot mom, dare I say milf? (eww)

  7. even cuter in blog pics than cell phone ones ;) loves. it.

  8. Fantastic haircut. Looks like I'm gonna have to give her a call.

  9. Awesome non-mom cut! You and the kid look super cute! I heart Bumble and Bumble products :) Sumotech and Surf Spay :)

  10. SOOOO CUTE! I love being right. But definitely not a mom cut - you look even younger and hotter than you did before!

  11. *hive five*
    You did good (oh, and I guess your stylist did too).
    Great, "wake up and go" do too!

  12. It's a monumental event...I'm actually going to say it..."I was wrong"! Shit, I hate you for making me wrong! I love you! It does look really cute ;)

  13. I think it looks great on you! You look thin as a mofo! :)

  14. Love it. Very flattering and oh so appropriate for a chic momma such as yourself. And it's way better than my Dorothy Hamill haircut in the 80's. So.much.better.


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