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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my to-do list

i refuse to make new year's resolutions. i used to, but i realized that i didn't stick to them, and also decided that it was silly to wait for something like january 1st to start doing stuff i probably should've been doing anyway. you know? instead, i'm making a list of things i'd like to accomplish between now and...well, ever. heh. here goes:
  • i actually managed to get one thing done even before i could make my list, but i'm going to put it down anyway. this way, i can cross something off right away! i wanted to find some kind of physical activity for the kid and me to do together. she's always wanted to go to the gym with me, but stupid bally's doesn't let minors use their facilities till they're at least 16. but last week, we stopped in at the local l.a. fitness and found that they allow kids as young as 12 have memberships! yay, a place that'll let me give them money every month so that the kid can work out. anyway, we signed up and went yesterday for the first time - dropping off the bean at the "kids klub." i was totally nervous, but when we went to pick her up after 40 minutes of cardio, the attendant said she did just fine. yay!
  • order our wedding album. yeah, yeah, we've been married for over two years. shut up.
  • organize all of the old pictures that are currently in boxes on shelves in the garage into nice albums. i love to scrapbook, but considering the fact that it takes me an hour to get ONE page done (which usually includes two to three actual pictures), hell to the naw. i'll be satisfied if i can sort them out and get them into regular old albums.
  • bust out all of our digital pictures (from CDs AND the hard drive) and make albums using either mypublisher or shutterfly. i'm thinking mypublisher will be the way to go, though, considering i can order discounted products through costco.com.
  • get the bean a passport. actually, i guess i can cross off something else, too, since i picked up her official birth certificate yesterday. yippee! anyway, we'll need her passport if we're going to cabo for spring break.
  • help the kid get on the honor roll. this is a tall order, considering her solid 2.5 GPA, but i know she can do it. or, at least, i'll beat it into her. KIDDING! don't be calling child services on my ass.
  • go through the bean's clothes and donate the ones that don't fit anymore to goodwill. besides, if i clean out her closet, that'll leave lots of room for new stuff. and i'm always happy to take care of THAT.
  • clean out my makeup/toiletry drawers and get rid of old makeup that would probably give me gangrene or some shit, and bottles of crappy lotion that are half empty, and random samples of stuff i'll never use. the last time i did this, i put together lots of perfume and makeup samples and listed them on ebay. gotta love making a little cash on shit i got for free!
  • ooh, one more thing i can cross off now: get my hair cut into a style that's cute and yet easy to do in the morning. or afternoon. or whenever i manage to drag my ass into the shower. we all know that can be anytime between 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. or later. heh.
hmmm. that's all i can think of at the moment. i know damn well there's a hell of a lot more crap that belongs on this list, and yet i'm drawing a big, fat blank. therefore, i hereby reserve the right to amend/modify/add to this list at any time between now and...well, ever.


  1. I'm working on a similar list of things to accomplish. I guess right now, finishing that list is going to be number one. ;) Good luck on crossing off all of your to dos!

    Oh, BTW. Creative Memories has albums that you slide pictures into and leaves a spot for journaling if you're interested. It's the non-scrapbook scrapbook. :)

  2. I find this list inspiring. I too am trying to do something similar.

  3. Didnt we discuss the photo thing as my moms new hobby?? :)

    Dont give the clothes away to goodwill...wait to see if we have another girl and then give them to me :) You like that idea?!

  4. nice list. i hate my current list, as it's got too much boring every day stuff on it.

  5. looks like we're all into lists right now ;)

    that haircut is still uber-fab!

  6. The Bean looks totally cute with her barette!

  7. I still haven't put together my album yet either....

  8. Welcome to LA Fitness! I go there, too! :)


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