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Friday, November 29, 2013

fix number six

so my stitch fix boxes have been really good the last couple of months, right? that just means i was due for a dud anytime now, and i've gotta say...if it had to happen, i'm glad it was this one. with holiday shopping season upon us, i really had no business even scheduling a fix right now. heh.

this time, i received two dresses. this fit & flare LBD is pretty basic, but comfy and cute. $68:

the other dress was superbad. like, how unflattering! striped 3/4 sleeve knit dress, $68:

this open cardigan was the sole winner in this shipment. $48, but i got to apply my $20 styling fix credit towards it. 

i'm already bracing for it to be stolen out of my closet by the teen, who's already given it the googly eyes when i showed it to her. 

the last two items were both sleeveless tops. i mean, i know I live in soCA, but come on. 

boring ass front pocket sleeveless blouse in burgundy, $58.

the other, a black velvet detailed hi-lo tank.  it's a'ight, but not worth $58:

see what i mean? total flop, this fix. but that's totally okay...because that closet cleanout credit from thredup is coming, and should be applied to my account just in time for the next box. sweet. 

oh! also, annie - if you're still interested in that hello kitty toaster…email me.

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