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Monday, November 25, 2013


the teen and i had been talking about revisiting the hike up to the hollywood sign for ages. now that the weather has cooled down considerably, we decided it was finally time to go for it.

it's funny how often i refer to my blog to remember all sorts of stuff. i swear, if i didn't post about all the stuff we do, i'd forget half of it. i find all sorts of forgotten recipes and great pictures for throwback thursdays/flashback fridays and links to all kinda of fun stuff. anyway, i ended up referring back to the post i wrote after the last time we did this hike to find the specifics on how to get to the right place. i love when i'm so helpful...uh, to myself. heh. 

of course, stupid siri totally steered us in the wrong direction and we ended up lost anyway. it wasn't too hard to figure out where we'd gone wrong, though, and soon we were where we needed to be. 

not far beyond that gate the pavement gives way to a dirt path. 

and in no time at all, the trail gets pretty damn steep. 


the teen had no patience for such nonsense.

the trail blessedly levels off a bit before you turn the corner and encounter more hills to cllimb. 

it was a chilly friday morning, and we didn't come across a lot of other people. although i instantly spotted a fellow hollywood half-er rocking his race shirt.

this plaque and bench has apparently been here since 2010, but i swear i never noticed it before. 

yay, we made it!

this required another selfie, of course. 

a group of guys who climbed up after us offered to take our picture, and hey - i'm not one to turn that down. 

now that the weather is cooler, we'd love to tackle other local hikes too. anybody have any suggestions for us?

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