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Thursday, November 7, 2013

getting my fix

i am completely addicted to stitch fix.

fix #5 arrived last week, and it may be the best one yet. because i went back to my profile and removed all of the jewelry, all five items in this box were pieces of clothing - just the way i like it. 

first, i tried on these fabulous brick red skinny cords by kut from the kloth.

this is a really great color that will work wonderfully for fall/winter. and they're so comfy that i kept them on as i continued my little fashion show. 

next up: this super cute black lace-y tank.

another top that is the perfect length and drape-y fit for pairing with leggings:

just to reiterate...i'm totally aware that these pieces don't actually go together. honestly, i was just too lazy to change into another pair of jeans for this photo shoot. you know me. 

i dig how this little colorblock cardigan fits, and like the pants, isn't necessarily something i'd have chosen myself. for me, this is the beauty of stitch fix. i tend to get stuck in a rut and pick out the same stuff over and over again (just ask the teen), and this is a fun way to break out of my comfort zone. 

the final piece from this fix is the only one i was iffy on. but because of the "25% off the whole box" that they dangle in front of you, it was actually cheaper to keep it all than to send it back (note to the hub: please don't kill me). anyway, it is cute and i can wear it with a cardi, tights and boots now and sandals in the spring and summer. 

and hey, if you're inspired to sign up and start getting fixes of your own, use my special little link, yeah? hook a sista up with some referral bonuses!


  1. Really cute pieces! I'd probably put that dress with some leggings, tall boots and a cardigan so I could get some everyday wear out of it! Just a thought :-)

  2. Been wanting something to spice up my wardrobe and have been loving seeing your boxes...decided to bite the bullet and try it out (via your referral link!). Sad that I will have to wait until mid-December to get it, though (12/14 was the earliest they had!)


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