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Monday, November 4, 2013

no shots for you!

so because i am a big ol' chicken shit, i totally made sure to schedule the bean's annual birthday checkup to happen while MIL was in town.  i'm awful when it comes to her getting shots (which i'm sure you already knew), and having her grandma there always comforts and calms her.  and to make it even better, her beloved sister came along too, for moral support.  although she didn't know what was happening that day when we picked her up from school.  when i tried to prep her a couple of weeks prior, she shut me down.  "mommy, i don't want to talk about it."  and so we didn't.

and as if on cue, when we pulled into the parking lot for our local kaiser clinic, she semi-flipped out.  "WHY ARE WE HEEEEEEEEEERE?" came shrieking from the back seat.  MIL did her best to offer some soothing words and a hug, and although she didn't cry (much), we did have to practically pry her out of the car.  if it weren't such a bummer, it'd have been pretty comical.  we must have looked ridiculous to anyone who may have walked by.  luckily, it was at an off time and there was no one around.

she may not have been particularly happy to be there, but changing into the hospital gown ("what IS this thing??") and having a squishy friend to hug lessened the anxiety.  not to mention, hearing that she wouldn't have to endure any needle pokes for another five years finally brought the "hey, kool aid!" grin out.  oh, happy day!

the checkup was quick and easy.  although we yet again had to endure a lecture from the doctor on the bean's weight.  apparently, she's somewhere in the 90s for weight and the 80s for height.  if you ask me, i think the numbers are all bullshit.  while she's not a skinny minnie, she's a healthy kid who's active damn near every day of the week.  and the pattern of her weight and height isn't a new thing.  i could see if she'd gained a boatload of poundage from one visit to the next, but it's all been steady.  ugh.

eye exam.  crushed it.

i'd been prepared to let her skip that afternoon's gymnastics class, thinking there would be tears and agony over a round of immunizations.  but since all was well and we'd even celebrated with an ice cream cone (yeah, i know, shut it), the leotard was on and off she went.

did i mention that she also tested out of both levels of the beginning class and is now in the intermediate 1 group?  oh, yeah.

big things happening for the bean these days, people.  big things!


  1. Interesting about the weight comments. My DDs are 1 and 3 and both have always been in the 90+ percentile for both height and weight. Never a single comment from our doctor. I'm not concerned at all and I don't think you should be either.

  2. Is that coach shauna I see? She's Brienna's coach too.


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