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Sunday, November 17, 2013

one for the wedding slideshow

you may have already seen this, if you follow my twitter or are my facebook friend.  but i canNOT resist sharing it here, too.  just because.

so you've already seen the bean's official kindergarten portrait.  great, fine, cool.  when i placed the order on picture day for no prints, just the photo on CD, i hadn't realized that the class picture wasn't included in the deal.  to be perfectly honest, i was so busy grinning at her solo picture that the thought of the class photo didn't even cross my mind.

until one day last week when i dropped her off at her piano lesson and then headed to her classroom to drop off her lunch box.  each room has a bulletin board posted right outside the door, and it's usually full of notices for upcoming events, the monthly lunch menu, blah blah blah.  and in the bottom corner of the board, her teacher had put up a copy of the class photo.  i glanced at it as i passed by, and i totally heard the record screech in my head as i whipped my head around and did a double-take.



oh, i cannot wait until she gets older and i can whip this thing out for her.  you better believe i went right home and placed an order for a copy of it.  i still crack up every time i look at it.

only my kid, man.  sheesh.


  1. You keep surprising me with these weekend posts...me likey :) Now i have reading material for the weekend!

    1. it's nablopomo november :) this means you're bombarded with a post from me every single day this month! aren't you lucky?


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