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Friday, November 8, 2013


halloween was over a week ago, but i don't care. i'm gonna recap it anyway.

the bean went back and forth between several costume ideas, and at the last minute she settled on this:

despite the fact that i'm not a huge fan of halloween, i ended up throwing together an outfit to wear for trick-or-treating with the bean. i'd come across this online, and managed to cobble together the pieces from stuff i had at home:

i like this little ensemble so much, i may wear it for next year's hollywood half. it'd be pretty easy to adapt for running. 

check out my "treat."

after perusing the city-sponsored parties at the park, we decided to stick closer to home and just do some regular old halloween begging at our neighbors'. 

since our street doesn't get a whole lot of trick-or-treaters, i knew we'd be safe leaving this at our door. 

after doing a loop around the neighborhood, the bean's bag was heavy and full of the good stuff. 

i told her she could pick a piece to have before she has to go to bed, and she took it VERY seriously. 

then she told me to pick something too.

i'm now completely obsessed with baby ruth bars. i blame the bean. 

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