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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

i mustache you a question

so after our triumphant hike to the hollywood sign, we headed out to bib pickup for the next day's mustache dache. yes, i realize the spelling is atrocious, but i'm guessing that it's due to the existence of similarly themed runs. whatever. this one came to my attention via living social, with a crazy cheap deal for entry that i simply couldn't resist.

picking up my bib was easy peasy, since it was midday on a friday. we were in and out of there in like five minutes. 

the next morning, i headed out while everyone was still asleep and made my way to downtown l.a. i'd taken advantage of prepaid parking and found a spot in the structure pretty easily.  the course went through elysian park near dodger stadium, and i boarded one of the free shuttles to the start line.

it took about ten minutes to get there, and a good sized crowd was already milling about and warming up.

i didn't have the time nor the inclination to sport a fake 'stache, but i did throw on the one item of clothing in my closet that went with the theme. 

i suppose i could've dropped some cash on some official merchandise...but i didn't. 

i'm excited for this race on thanksgiving morning, with the teen.

more mustachio'd silliness. 

by the time i made my way into the corral at the start, the sun was beaming down so hard that i had to take my sweater off. it was time to transform into my alter ego

check out the official pace car:

as i'd anticipated, the course was mostly on an incline, with a couple of pretty gnarly hills. and just as i glanced at my phone and noticed that i was right around 2.65 miles, i saw this:

SO not a full 5K. what the hell? oh, well. i accepted my finisher's medal anyway. 


whatever. i'm pretty sure i made up for the last half-mile walking through the crowd and back down to the shuttle anyway. that totally counts…right?

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  1. This makes me so excited for the Mo-Run (also lame name) in San Diego. I've got a Mustache shirt and Knee socks! :)


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